Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Understanding the Principles of Mind Mapping

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Mind Mapping principles together with the Principles of Human Brain

* Working in a natural way of thinking
* Working in a spread out in every direction (radians)
* Exploring brain functions and stay focused
* Working from the overall organizational problems with regular principal
* Catch a variety of thoughts from all directions
* Place of gathering ideas and great creativity extraordinary
* Collect all the detail information to one place and release information when necessary.

Mind Mapping is a simple tool and easy to manufacture
Only necessary:

* Paper empty unlined
* A minimum of three color marker color
* Brain, Ideas & discussing
* 7 Steps to Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping easily practiced

* Mind Mapping is very easy to be practiced in all daily activities. Even for matters of a personal nature though. For example using a mindmap to plan family activities. As told in this book. About a family that uses mindmap either daily, weekly, yearly, and also special occasions.

Mind Mapping as an unlimited data base

* Yes, Mind Mapping no different from man-made computer system. In the mindmap, the computer itself is the human brain. Therefore each person would have what is called a personal data base.
* The difference mindmap unlimited, and could have a super-sophisticated memory system exceeds any sophisticated computer system. Of course, the human brain is not made in God's infinite, like space?

Benefits of Mind Mapping, among others:
* In general:

* Seeing the picture of "overall"
* Given the well
* Be more creative
* Easily create a detailed plan
* Facilitate communication
* Saves time
* Solving problems
* Easy Concentrating
* Set and clear the mind
* Able to survive!

* For student / student

* Learn faster and more efficient
* Learning more easily
* Learn more enjoyable
* Passed the exam with good values

When Mind Mapping is used?

* We want to find innovative ideas and creative solutions.
* We understand a thing like: reading books, materials, or others.
* We want to remember the information effectively and efficiently.
* We want to set a goal, and steps to achieve it.
* We are thinking to change and improve the performance or career.

Who is the user Mind Mapping

* Mind Mapping digunakanan Currently more than 250 million people from various circles throughout the world. Among them, international schools and world figures: Dr. Ken Blanchard (author of The One Minute Manager), Microsoft, Boeing, Con Edison (gas and electricity supplier in New York) are some examples of people and businesses using Mind Maps.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Key Success Motivate Your Employees

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1. You're the first!
By setting yourself as the first, will be much easier and enjoyable when you require your employees to follow your footsteps.

2. Know your employees
Find out some insight into the lives of the people you hire. Learn about who they are, and where they will go. Find out what motivates each individual to do a good job so you can take advantage of their.

3. Convey your goals with smart
Convey a specific purpose, realistic, and measurable to your employees, then your employees will be easy to understand and follow your goals.

4. Delegate your authority
Give them some authority, so they can take over the task at hand. So, your employees will be encouraged to do the job with full responsibility.

5. Create an incentive system
By creating a system of clear incentives for your employees, such as awards and recognition, raises, vacation increases, more responsibility (or less), promotion, or the appropriate position if your employees to achieve success.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Features of the Visual Learning Style

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Children who have a visual learning style types are the dominant learning style rely on the visual.

He has such characteristics:

* Speaking quickly
* A good speller
* Research on the details
* Readers quickly and diligently, preferring to read rather than read
* In view of what is seen than heard
* Forgetfulness in delivering a verbal message
* Frequently answered questions with short answers
* Glad to art than music
* It is difficult or not very good at choosing his words when speaking
* Nice to notice through demonstration rather than lectures.
* Demeanor neat and orderly.
* Enjoys sleepy when listening to a lengthy explanation

Tips effective way of learning is assisted by a combination of visual aids, pictures or symbols.

Does your child have the traits mentioned above?

Hopefully useful ... greeting

Amazingly Mind Mapping For Children

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In a smart book for children of this Mind Map, Tony Buzan (Mind Maps Invetor) describes the ways that children can achieve success in school, including an easy way to understand a variety of subjects, the entire essay, etc.. Tony Buzan also outlines an effective way to control things outside of lessons, such as how to set up a bedroom, held a birthday party.

Please note that learning Mind Mapping is not just belong to adults but also good developed and applied to children because the children will use the Mind Map CAN:

* Improve memory and concentration
* Save time in homework, because the time needed only half the usual time needed.
* Make a note that is more clear and easily understood.
* It's easier to concentrate.
* It is easier to remember facts and figures.
* Repeat the lesson with a cheerful and happy
* More advanced planning exam answers calmly during exams!
* Easy to achieve good grades in exams!

Tony Buzan expertise to explore the brain equivalent of Stephen Hawking's expertise to explore the universe.

Hopefully useful ... greetings.
Herry, practitioners and observers of the Mind Mapping the World Children

source : Dunia Anak Kita

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Improve Your Memory With Story Technique

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This technique is a simple technique but it is the foundation of the technique involving the Association of Super Memory (linkage) and Imagination (Imagining) by activating the left and right brain. This technique will be associated with the technique - other memory techniques.
The technique is based on the principles of story and imagination Association or referred by way of thinking in radians or shine.

What happens when you eat the apple, smell flowers, see the mountains, listening to music, or when they remember things - beautiful things? What happens is that information about it - a simple thing or something - something that complex is received or sent to the brain, either in the form of events, feelings, colors, smells, images, words - words, codes, numbers and so forth. And it was by the brain be the center of attention that will radiate into links - another link called Radian. Each - each link indicate any relationship or association. And each - each association has an unlimited number of connections. That thought Radian (radiate).
Make a related form of the story is simple and easy to remember. Do not make the story complicated or too long. The more attractive, funny, weird or splashy will increase brain memory power!
How the brain works of this kind is called Branching Association Machine (BAM) is remarkable, as well as a Bio-Radian Super Computer has thoughts that can access an unlimited amount. Scientific facts show that the human brain is an organ of the most complex and complicated arrangement, made with very high architecture. In its own - each neuron can connect as many as 1028 times. Further estimated by experts that if we put as much information as BRAIN "10 things per second" in time "100 years" continues - again, our brains would not be "FULL" even it only takes 10 percent of our brain capacity! Imagine the brilliance!
So there is no term "My brain is full", I grow up / old that "hard to learn ".... ", Our brain has a great ability, to live how do we optimize it .... ",Let us prove it!

Try to Imagine! A red apple and ripe" .... ", (Imagine sedetil perhaps, feel as if - if the real existence!)
TIPS and Technique Story:
  1. Wear your association and imagination freely, but stay positive!
  2. Create a story as short as possible with the KIS (Keep It Simple). If the story is too long, can you classify into several pieces (5 ~ 10 pages).
  3. Imagine or visualize as if - will the story is real! (If you need to imagine with closed eyes)
  4. Keep your concentration, keep the brain is still fresh!
  5. Repeat several times until you understand and remember it well.


The Largest Mind Map

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The Largest of Mind Map!


When Used To Mind Mapping?

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When used to Mind Mapping?